Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in Moonlit Swatch/Review/Photos

I really liked my other quad from Revlon so I thought I would get another one for kicks. Personally I would not recommend this because some of the colors are chalky, some have a lot of fall out, and the only matte shade that isn't chalky is the darkest color. I decided to give this to my sister because I do not care for it at all. Out of all the color selections there is, there is better pigmentation in the other ones. This quad is probably decent for a drugstore eye shadow but Revlon has done much better and other brands too. I know it looks better on your eyes but it doesn't really impress me.
If you like your eye shadow to be sparkly, then you might like this better than me. It's something I would use if I HAD to but not in my interest would I choose to. I would rate this quad a D or C or a 6.5/10


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