Dermalogica Clean Start Kit Delivery Review

 Hello everyone! I decided to review delivery and what it claims to do. I'll be doing a full review in 6 weeks or whenever it runs out so i can give a more accurate quality review! I ordered from the site on March 14 and it was shipped to on March 16. It took only two days which i was excited about. I used the code WELCOME and got 10% off so i did pay for shipping. I will always hate shipping costs and if i do like clean start, i will look forward to getting free shipping hopefully with full size products.
 When i opened it i thought it was really cute that it was neatly wrapped in tissue paper and had bubble bags to protect the actual product.
 The actual packaging of the kit is wrapped up very well but i'm not really complaining.

The kit came with that was claimed on the site and also with a sample of Brighten Up spf15. I used it this morning and so far i love love the scent it smells so much like spring. I really hope it works well with my skin because i love the packaging, fast delivery, and price.. if only they were full size but that wouldn't be priced well haha.

I will be posting a full review in a month or two and link it here. :)

Proactiv 60 Day System Review

I actually started the proactiv system in July of 2011. After 6 weeks, my skin looked great. The dermatologist said i shouldn't use anything else with it since proactiv is a system and it's really strong compared to many drugstore products. Today will probably be my last day using this system. I went through a 30 day system and i'm almost done with the 60 day one. My mom actually bought it out of a proactiv vending machine in the mall so there will not be any internet charges that it usually makes.

When i first used it the scent was kind of like the beach but idk that's just me. There's small grains in the cleanser which kind of felt harsh but it didn't irritate my skin. There's also a green toner that i do not have since i left it at my dad's house but it's great except i haven't been using it recently. The 3rd treatment is a serum that is used after cleansing and toning.

The refining mask is great but i'm not sure if it worked. I felt like it did but it didn't do anything drastic. I used it over night mostly.

All i can say is that proactiv exceeded my expectations since i assumed it was not that great from all the commercials on tv. My skin got used to it since it's been almost 8 months but i also used Philosophy's Purity when my skin was great! I just hope Clean Start can keep my skin clear during that time of the month since nothing can ever keep it clear during that time period..

NOTD China Glaze For Audrey & Sephora by OPI Social Climber

These two colors are probably my all time favorites and blue with silver is even better! excuse me for some of the bubbles since my base coat is getting old and it's time for a new one! I got For Audrey on amazon since you can't find it in stores and it's cheaper. It's the closest color to Tiffany Blue. Social Climber can be found at your local Sephora store or online. I've only been posting nail posts because i'm currently on a makeup freeze partially since it's spring  and i have no money.. but actually i'll be reviewing Dermatologica Clean Start Kit because my proactiv is almost out.. which i'll post a review for both.

All photos are taken from my Iphone 4s.. it's so much easier to upload and take pictures now but my other camera is just as good.