Revlon Lipstick in Wine Not Review/Swatch

Okay, I'm going to admit that Revlon Matte Lipsticks are a Holy Grail for me. I've been venturing into buying darker shades like wines and plums and Wine Not does not disappoint. It gives a matte finish while because smooth and creamy to glide across your lips. If you haven't tried out the Matte lipsticks, which can be found with the Super Lustrous Lipsticks but with silver packaging, I recommend it if you love matte finishes. Wine Not is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. I compared it to Really Red to see the difference but there is a red tone in it so it is not a plum. I'm still not brave enough to wear it out in the public often but I will as the days are getting colder.

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Plum Review/Swatch

I've always been attracted to Burt's Bees but I have never purchased anything besides the lip balms which are amazing for moisturizing your lips! I decided to get the Plum shade because there were no other shades and always I've been splurging on dark colors like plums and burgundies. I was skeptical because I thought it would just be a glittery mess but it turns out it is just a subtle shimmer that you don't really notice. It's on the reddish plum side rather than leaning towards purple. I really like how the stick is slim because it makes applying a lot easier. Once applied, there is a really strong mint sensation and if you're into that you're going to like this but it surprised me at first since I didn't expect it. There are a lot of colors in the lip shimmers and I recommend them if you're kind of scared of dark lipsticks but want something more sheer. Also a big thing with this company is all the ingredients are natural and it's not animal tested which is a big big difference between all their competitors.

Maybelline Eyestudio Eye Shadow in Cozy Cashmere Limited Edition Swatch/Review

Maybelline has been doing a good job with their new fall releases. If only they were permanent than I would be 100% happy. The eyestudio eye shadows are supposed to be silky pigmented eye shadows and more of them are but with that comes glitter and frost. I was not expected TWO matte velvety shades. I am so happy they are pigmented too. This quad reminds of a red velvet cupcake with the rust and burgundy shades. I am raving about most of Maybelline's new fall eye shadows because they do not disappoint. Priced around $7 - $8, it comes with 4 colors, the base color being the perfect highlight shade. The second color looks so different compared to what it looks like in pan but I don't really mind. The texture of all of them are nice and silky and they are easily blendable. I can't wait to whip this out when it's more acceptable to wear more sultry colors. You can find the new releases at drugstores like CVS and Riteaid. I am currently on the lookout for the new Color Tattoos because I cannot find them anywhere. The fall selection should be out for at least 2 more months so don't fret but also don't take your time on these because they are limited edition.

Wet N Wild Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy Review/Swatch

Wet N Wild is well known for their lower priced cosmetics and I would say quality does suffer from it but I still think it's a good brand. The lipstick is kind of smudged because I put it upside down in the car and the inside packaging part fell out in the tube. You can put it back and make it stay put but it was too late and the damage to the lipstick was done. That explains the second picture where one side is darker because that was where the smudged part was. As the name said it is a plum color. It's kind of a fushia plum, leaning towards the red purple. I think this could be comparable to the new fashion night out lipstick MAC release. The formulation is okay. For $1.99 it's pretty great but to regular lipstick standards it does drag so it's hard to apply and it's a darker color. I hate the packaging. I feel like these lipsticks are a great way to test out bold colors and that's what I did. I would feel nervous with putting this out in public but it is Fall so that means we're in the right color range. 

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Tenacious Teal Swatch

Here's another swatch of another polish from the color show line. For the price, I think they quality is amazing. You can get these for $3. If you change your nail polish often or if your top coat is amazing, you won't have a problem with chipping. I warn those who don't use a top coat. Also, you pay for what you get so the amount is smaller and the quality isn't like Essie polishes. I like the Revlon Colorstay formulation a lot better but the Color Show colors are different. I really like this color for fall and I don't have a color like this. It lasted for 1 week without chipping.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Really Red Review/Swatch

Really Red is another Revlon Matte Lipstick that is in my collection. The matte lipsticks are probably my favorite of all time because they are pigmented, smooth, and not dry regardless of its matte finish. Really Red is like the name really red. I think its a neutral type of red that doesn't lean to the blue or yellow under tones. It's one of those staple color lipsticks that make a impact. The longevity of it is about 6 hours if you're not eating or drinking. I can't rave about these lipsticks more than I can type out. If you haven't tried out one i recommend doing so because these cost around $6-$7 which is a deal because I like them a little more than my MAC lipsticks because of price mostly. 

Maybelline Eyestudio Eye Shadow in Olive Martini Swatch/Review

New Collections are always the most tempting thing ever. Especially when they are completely different from what other brands are offering. I do not see any other drugstore brands with the duo chrome brown with green.. well maybe Wet n Wild but I never see that brand anywhere. The first shade is a light golden champagne, the second a light blue/mint, the third a brown duo chrome with green, the last an espresso. All of the eyestudio eye shadows are shimmery or frosty. The packaging is cute and compact but this goes for all plastic it probably will not last if you drop it on tile. This eye shadow quad is easy for an everyday look and a smokey look. It is a limited edition product to Maybelline's Fall Collection. I would say it's a 9/10. All the hype is true with this eye shadow.

Maybelline Eye studio Eyeshadow Limited Edition in Smokey Cinnamon Review/Swatch

I will forever be a fan of Fall releases that brands do every year because my favorite season is fall and I generally like the colors a lot more than Summer. I don't mind the frostiness of the eyestudio eye shadows because it's good to toss things up once in a while. All 4 colors are super pigmented and silky, and easy to blend. I love how there's a champagne beige color because I feel like you never can go wrong with that. The most eye catching shades are the lime green and maybe the moss. I personally have little color in my eye shadow collection so I thought this would be nice. I really love the texture of them and recommend if you're on the lookout for some greens. I think the Eye studio eye shadows are a hit and miss but this one is definitely a hit. 

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That's all I wanted to say but get ready for an influx of lip product reviews because I have about 10 in my drafts... 

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Green With Envy Swatch/Review

I've been looking for a mint color and the new Maybelline polishes are very affordable around $3 for it's quality. It's above average to me but it's not as nice as the Revlon Color Stay and Essie polishes but I don't really mind since the bottle is cute and compact and it's opaque with 2-3 coats. Green With Envy is a green toned mint and I really love it. If you want a good color selection with a very good price the Color Show line is great! They do have some fall limited edition colors. The amount is .23 FL. OZ. but who even uses up the basic .46 anyways.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sky Pink Swatch/Review

All of the matte lipsticks I own from Revlon have a nice texture, it's not drying and it goes on very smoothly. Sky Pink is very pigmented, different from Pink pout as it has more yellow tones. I swatched it next Viva Gaga and you can tell it's yellow based so I can't promise but I think it could be a dupe for Viva Niki. Again, if you haven't read my previous reviews on the matte lipsticks I will rave for this one. They are very high quality for a drugstore brand but Revlon is one of the more expensive brands in the drugstore. You can find it where they keep all their super lustrous lipsticks but make sure you find the MATTE lipsticks, it's hidden among all the cremes and lustres. I will rave for these lipsticks for the longest time since the packaging is sleek, durable, and classic. The scent does not smell cheap, the texture is great, there is no shimmer, and the PRICE. I got these around $6.

Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude Swatch/Review

Hi everyone! I'm going to be posting some more Matte lipstick reviews, raves really since I love the finish and the texture of them. 

I consider Revlon one of the best drugstore brands there is out there and their lip products is probably the best of the best. If you rule out the lip stains and the lip butters, going classic with lipsticks is a good choice sometimes. I don't know about most of you but I highly dislike shimmer and frost in lip products. I love matte a lot but when it comes to most lipsticks in matte, it doesn't feel good on the lips. (Also, don't mind that small chapped area on my lip, that part was going through a weird phase.)

Nude Attitude is just like the name, it's nude. I would say it's really comparable to MAC's Myth but without the dryness and pule. Also, the prices of these lipsticks are around $6-$7 which is pretty affordable for a nice lipstick. The smaller swatch is Myth and it's actually really similar!

I would buy this again, but I'm not the biggest fan of muting out my lips.