Hello all,
I would not think that I would be typing in this box again because I thought that I officially stopped using my blog but there is always a special place in my heart with my blog. I honestly do not know if I could keep posting only beauty related posts all the time.

I am now in finals week of my first semester of college. I am currently unemployed until I return home so I have not bought any new makeup to review at all. I do not know if I could financially do so from now on because I have priorities instead of buying the newest products.

If anyone is still reading my blogs please leave some feedback. I feel like blogging helps me a lot get out what I have to say because relatively no one I really know reads this blog. I might be posting personal blog posts instead of makeup posts but I will put the occasional one. Just for my sanity I guess.

College is really exciting and fun. Well for the most part that is. If you could not tell, I am of Asian heritage and all and I grew up in an area that is diverse with all kinds of races. Maybe I was delusional to think that everyone at my university would be the same with the same kind of upbringing. I was lucky. A lot of the people here have never talked to someone that is not white at all. I usually do not have a problem but I did now since my confrontations with some of them have not been nice. It is not fair that they are being prejudice on something I physically can never change. I will not go into detail but I really cannot wait to move out of my room.

I have been good with my school work on the most part. I am one of the few that is not pulling an all nighter because I did attend most of my classes. I never really studied much but I will do some occasional reviewing.

-Natalie Tran

Update: My life right now

Hello to anyone who still reads my blog. I haven't posted in over 6 months for several reasons. I got caught up with my social life and I got lazy with posting reviews and posts about makeup. Another is I stopped buying a lot of makeup at once and I started to ration my money after getting a job. Working is time consuming but the money is worth it. I will start posting some posts weekly maybe. I stopped going on my laptop after Decemeber. I've changed a lot and I'm glad. I do miss posting posts several times a week but with finishing my senior year it was hard.

Hopefully I'll post another after this one. If not, adieu.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos Review/Swatch

This color from the brand Essie is probably one of their most popular because it's pretty close to the iconic color of the blue robin egg boxes of Tiffany. It's not exact since Tiffany Blue is trademarked but for it's quality, packaging, and color payout it's worth $7.79. I've been avoiding wearing this color for a month since it's not really a fall color... but I just had to wear it once this year. This color is a permanent color.

Sorry for how rough my nails look, one of my nails broke so I had to trim the rest.