Revlon Colorstay Polish/Longwear Nail Enamel in Buttercup Review + Swatch

The Colorstay range of these polishes is fairly new but I ventured out to Walmart to get this color is Buttercup is MIA from Target. Buttercup is an opaque pastel yellow. I always have bad luck with yellow nail polishes because if they are not opaque, they will look like stained nails and that is not a good look. Buttercup goes on opaque nicely with just 2 coats but 3 coats will ensure all smoothness with the color. If you're at a Walmart or another drugstore (Target does not carry this color) I suggest buying this if you were looking for a opaque pastel yellow. The brush is more wide so it makes it a lot easier to apply the polish. It makes me look more tan and I'm pretty sure it will be gorgeous on darker skin tones, lighter skin tones i'm not too sure about. These retail for around $5 and Buttercup was as impressive as the other Colorstay polishes that i currently have. Two thumbs up for Revlon this year.


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