L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H in Navy Swatch/Review/Pictures

I was looking for a navy gel liner and since L'oreal came out with a new line, I decided to purchase it.

The liner is very very creamy in comparison to the Maybelline gel liners. I really like the consistency but you should set it or it will smudge! It was very pigmented and the brush that it comes with makes it hassle free to put on the liner. I have oily eyelids so it probably won't smudge as fast if you have normal to dry skin. I did wear it after I set it with a eyeshadow and I had no problem with smudging after that. 

I'm not too sure if I prefer this one to the Maybelline gel liner since I like the consistency and creaminess of the L'Oreal one, but the Maybelline one is better with lasting power without setting. Of course, they will smudge if you rub your eye which I have mistakenly done but the L'oreal Liner stays on when rubbed longer if setted with an eye shadow!


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