I Cannot Believe that my Last Post is From December of last year

Honestly, it felt like time has flown by. My freshman year obviously ended and I was trying to figure myself out. I'm actually still trying to figure myself out but I have somewhat of an idea. I do not really buy as much makeup as I did in high school because being a college student has made me poor. Well actually, the economic crash caused for my family to feel the burden of being upper middle class to lower middle class. It really sucks but I had to work to feed myself rather than buy the newest makeup. I will always love makeup and I still try out new things except not in an excessive amount.

I feel like I've become a new person since my last blog post. I am now putting all the negativity and anger behind me and only embracing the positive aspects in my life. There is no time to waste and why spend your life being angry and hating something that you should put behind you. I've only fully realized this after a life threatening situation that happened to me. Life is too short to be unhappy.

If I ever get the confidence to, maybe I'll start making YouTube videos but I'm kind of late to that game. No one probably reads this but if you are, 5 stars for you. Thanks to the 25 followers I've always had.

If anyone wants to stay updated with me my social media all involves the name naturallytran

Peace, Love,