Mac Eye Shadow in Naked Lunch Review/Swatch

This is my second eye shadow from Mac! My first one is Amber Lights. But pretty much this shadow is a "minimal pink with shimmer" in a frosted finish. It's the very light shade. I don't like swatching lighter shadows since it's harder to show up on my iphone camera lol. If you happen to be near a store/counter check out this shade yourself because it's so pretty on the lids! This and Groundwork is probably going to be my everyday makeup for the next couple of weeks.

The tint to Naked Lunch is different than UD's Sin and sin is much more pigmented and more metallic which i do not prefer all the time! I'll probably post a comparison to it later!

MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork Review/Swatch + Comparison to Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows

 Hi! This is my first ever paint pot and i was super super super excited to get it. I do have all the neutral colors of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows but Mac has a much larger selection of colors.

 I got the Paint Pot in Groundwork because i saw how gorgeous it looked on MissGlamorazzi in her March 2012 Favorites video. I got it for $17.50 on the site. I wouldn't recommend risking and ordering it from another seller!  Mac describes the paint pots as
A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.
Ground work is described as a mid-tone neutral taupe in a satin finish.

 Sorry if these pictures look washed out but it is pretty accurate! My lighting is just off by a little. Mac paint pots are so so so creamy and long wearing since i tried my friends and also in the store!
I was scared that it would be duped by the raved about Color Tattoos but i'm so glad they are not similar or i would have felt like i wasted money. Tough as Taupe is much darker and more grey toned and Bad to the Bronze in comparison is more metallic finished and more bronze.

I have so happy with my purchase out of the 4 products i ordered. I don't think i have splurged money for myself for no reason with makeup for no reason so it feels bitter sweet.

Rimmel Sexy Curves, Scandal Eyes, and Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Review

I never buy the same mascara twice so i decided to try 3 new ones. The best i like is lash blast volume because it really does give volume. Both the sexy curves and lash blast volume are water proof. Since scandal eyes is new water proof, i don't prefer to wear it since i have allergies and i don't know when i could have a teary moment. I like sexy curves but since it lengthens my lashes more, it sometimes hits my glasses. I never encountered a bad mascara when using all my drug store ones.. maybe the maybelline one but that's about it.

Since drug store mascaras are cheaper, i prefer to buy them and maybe one day i will find my holy grail mascara. :)

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel Indigo Night Review/Swatch

Revlon came out with some new polishes that claim to have a gel like finish and so far i'm really loving this polish. I bought mine at target for $4.99. There's over 30 colors but i'm not too sure. I'm on day 6 right now and no chipping. Of course i used to base and top coat though.

The effects of the gel apparently work best with their own branded top and base coat. The consistency was great and it was opaque on the 1st coat. I used two coats though.

Half Tone Nails with Nails Inc Porchester Place and Essie in Blanc Swatches

 Hello! Here's a partial tutorial but not really. It was inspired by AndreasChoice's Quick D.I.Y Springtime Nail Trick. The only difference is that i'm not using band aids but regular scotch tape.
 You will need two polishes, i picked Essie in Blanc and Nails Inc in Porchester Place. You will also need any kind of tape, preferably something not too sticky.
 I used two coats of Blanc, i was planning only using one coat but it is really streaky the first coat. After, apply the tape to your skin so the stickiness will go away. Apply the tape to the lower half when white polish is FULLY dried. The tape will strip away the color if it is not dried.
Paint your second color on the exposing nail. I only used one coat with Porchester Place. The color is gorgeous and pigmented which makes me really happy.

You can wait for all your nails to try to peel off the tape slowly. Using anything sticky can give you any stencil for any shape! You can go crazy with all the possibilities with tape/band aids and any kind of polish and placement.

Sephora Color of the Year Buys

Hello! So I was pretty lazy to update anything but i recently came back from California and i did stop in their Sephora in Hollywood which is so so so big. That was when the color of the year promotion had just started. I don't really have any orange so i decided to get two things.

I bought the Orange Mesh Bag from the Hot Hues Collection and also a Nails Inc Polish in Porchester Place.