What My College Dorm Looks Like!

Hello everyone!
I've decided to try to come back to blogging like I used to in high school. I've realized that I have never posted pictures of my college dorm last year. A reason for that was I was never really happy with what it was because 1st semester last year, I was in a double room that had 3 girls and I was top bunk. There was literally no space. Second semester last year I was never in my room to care/clean it enough to! This year I'm really satisfied with how I decorated and how clean I can keep it. I think I organize my room pretty well. The difference from last year is that I brought more stuff that I actually use because I did end up over packing at some cases. I go to Towson University and I live in the Towers. I'm just going to say the size of these dorms are way larger than most dorms in colleges! I share the room with one roommate and we have a suite to a bathroom shared with two other girls.

 This is my side of the room. I live on the door side but I really like it because I lived on the window side my freshman year and wanted a change. The room is basically a long rectangle.
 My desk area! We put the desks next to each other but here lies my picture wall. Putting printed pictures on the wall is a cheap way to decorate and personalize your dorm room! I do not really use my desk for actual studying so I put my makeup on it! I always try to keep it clear just in case I do want to do something on my desk though.
 My bed and dresser! I use the dresser as a nightstand as well. Tip: use two mattress pads to make your bed super comfy. I use two and it saves me and my sleep.
 My astrological tie-dye tapestry from a beach shop in Ocean City. It was about $18 which is also a cheap way to decorate a big space on a wall!
 I got the canvas picture on sale at Urban Outfitters just because I really like how it showed a tree in all of it's seasons. The globe bulb lights from Target are a step up from Christmas lights and I'm in love with them. Several bulbs have broken along the way just because they are heavy so I caution you to take off all the light bulbs before hanging them up and making sure the wire is stable enough before putting them back up. I also have a cork lamp from target as well.
 Towson took off the closet doors off the closets because they were bulky and useless so a lot of students (and me) use curtains and hang them by using a tension rod. I use a shower curtain rod just because I had a couple lying around. The curtains are a nice way to decorate and hide clutter as well.
 Here are the curtains opened! I put random things in clear plastic bins so it is easy access and also it is easy to move in and move out with clear bins.
 These closet organizers are from Target as well. They are really helpful for sweaters (which you should not hang up) and scarves. I have a lot of shoes so the shoe organizer is big help. Obviously buy things that you are going to use because I know when I was college shopping I thought I needed everything but no one helped my buy my things for my dorm so I really was careful with what to buy and what not to.
 This is an expandable shoe rack I stole from my mom! Like I said I have a lot of shoes so it really does help store them neatly.
 Here are the clear bins close up! You can find these anywhere but they are from costco which it came in a 3 pack.
 I have two more bins under my bed because my dresser could not fit all my leggings and yoga pants. Extension cords are also useful since there are not that many outlets.
 I put my textbooks under my bed just so they are out of the way but I use file holders.
 This is my roommate's shelf organizer which is meant to go over your bed but it wouldn't fit in our rectangle style room. Each of the rooms in the Towers also comes with a microfridge so I did not have to buy it out of pocket!. I use plastic drawers to organize my food.
 My room also came with a bookshelf which I put cups and waters. The left side is mine.
 I put the items I use at the sink everyday in a bin just so I don't make the sink cluttered!
And here is all my makeup I use on a daily basis on my desk! Having somewhere to put everything helps me be organized.

Hope you guys like my dorm room right now and I hope this comes for inspiration for you.