Sephora OPI's Social Climber

I redid my nails again because it turns out that Dancing in the Isles is really old it wasn't at it's highest potential.. so i'm back to one of my old favorites! It's a nice cool toned metallic silver. i put on Love & Beauty's Silver glitter on the ring finger too!

MAC Peaches and Improvise Blush Review & Swatches

These two blushes are the only MAC products i own! i cherish them dearly because their blush is so high quality! Peaches is in their permanent line of sheertone blush. Improvise on the other hand was from a mineral collection from 2009. My friend got it for me from one of those stores that sell discontinues makeup.

continue on for review!

New Nails

Today i switched colors for nail polish! for the past couple of months my go to polish was China Glaze's Peachy Keen. i really love the color. even though in the bottle is seems like a pastel peach but when applied it's a bright peach color! A lot of people compliment it.

The pink polish is OPI's Dancing in the Isles... i really hope it's still available to buy because this polish is old and a little gooey compared to newer polishes.