Benefit Erase Paste Review/Swatch

bareescentials bareminerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 The Escape

My sister bought this for me as a christmas present but i got to use it before the actual day... but pretty much this is a go to every duo. it's not shimmery more matte! and very pigmented... people compare the colors to mac brulee and mac woodstock. On the sephora site it describes daydream as a nude creme and wanderlust as a brown suede.

L'oreal Hip Duo Electrified Swatch

It's pretty much a metallic taupe and darkish purple brown. I really like the combo and the pigmentation is great. I have another hip duo that has a different texture but it's not really pigmented. The shades are perfect for the colder seasons as it's a good excuse to smoke it out. :)

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

So i saw this in target the other day and i gave in. The packaging is just too cute. I got peach kiss since peach is probably my favorite flavor but i'll i'll probably get more eventually. The price was $3.00 which was very surprising. I thought i would be more expensive so i put back the Revlon Lip Butter. The scent is like skittles, a fruity smell. It actually make my lips very moisturizing like any other lip balm but they don't last for long. Oh, and sorry for the messy background.. my room got really unorganized after a week. 

NOTD Sonia Kashuk Starry Night

I keep painting my nails often! haha but when it chips it doesn't look pretty any more ): i went for dark colors because the colder seasons welcome the nice dark colors. of course i didn't want to look to dark so a teal sparkle polish was needed! if you notice, the black has a lot of sparkles so it isn't a solid black.

You can notice the sparkles in the bottle a lot more! i used Sonia Kashuk's Starry Night which you can find at most targets! Also i used a polish from love & beauty which is from forever 21 but the polish is from a year ago i think.

Olay Active Hydrating Cream Original Review

Since winter comes with making my skin super dry when it's usually moisturized with my basic moisturizer, i needed to get a cream for night. my skin got so dry to the point that around my eyes were burning for my skin being so dehydrated no matter how much moisturizer i put. so i opted out for this cream since i trust olay with their moisturizers and it was less than $7

There was also Night of Olay or Olay of Night not sure which way in stock but it's a firming cream and i'm way too young for that yet. Also, this cream mentioned it is for young skin. Also note that there is fragrance in it and once you open the jar it's apparent. It smells like baby powder by the way :)

It comes in a 2 oz. jar which is a pretty decent size! the cream itself it pretty thick but that a light weight to it. It is also pink if that bothers anyone! i seriously thought about baby powder when i put this on but it is so moisturizing. I really hope it works out for the parts of my face that is dry beyond repair of summer moisturizers.

Slatkin & Co Winter Scented Candle

I got this candle at Bath & Body Works as they're having a 2 for $10 sale on their 4 oz. candles!  That's the medium sized ones and that's pretty much buy one get one free of 50% off haha. But the candles that they're selling are mostly the winter and autumn ones and their signature scents. I love this scent because it smells like winter... i'm not too sure how to describe the smell but this one was the last one. There's so many winter food smells like gingerbread, cranberry, and hot chocolate... i didn't know how to feel about hot chocolate as i hate sugary candles like cupcake batter and cookies.

Sephora Rouge Cream in Decollette Lipstick Swatch

Today i went on a huge shopping trip since it was my birthday a month ago. I only got one thing from sephora since at the moment i'm not lusting for anything new.

The color is also known as R15 if you read it on the lipstick container. I really like the packaging, it's sleek and lightweight. The smell of all of the lipsticks is this grapefruit smell which is delicious smelling. It's really moisturizing too!

On the site it describes the color as a warm pinkish beige. Out of all my lipsticks... which you can see the post here, this is more neutral and that's good for the fall/winter. I only have pale colors and bright pinks. The cost of the lipstick is $12. It's not bad for a lipstick, better than drugstore but not as expensive as high end lipsticks. 

Crescent Moon Nails

I had to take off my nails in Ruby Pumps since they were chipping pretty badly. I decided to do these nails since i've always wanted to try it. Basically, it's a reverse french manicure but instead of faking cuticles we're faking the crescent moon on each nail! I know it's not that neat since i'm impatient to waiting for the layers to dry.

I used Sephora by OPI in Social Climber (metallic silver) and Opening Night (Navy with shimmer). For my thumb and pinky i used OPI Last Friday Night in the smaller version. One layer of Social Climber went onto each nail first. After it is FULLY dried, (we don't want the reinforcement stickers to take off the nail polish) Opening Night in two coats was put on after the stickers were put on as a stencil.

Probably one of the most tedious things to do with nails... It's really different compared to the usual solid color or french manicure but it takes a lot of time and patience to get these down perfectly.

Sonia Kashuk Sunset Blush Review and Swatch

I've been having a lot of blog posts lately but i just got this blush because these blushes always caught my eye for a while and i decided to get one. There's a lot of shades but i got the one which had the most available but peachy colors are always my favorite.

Sorry for all the hair on the carpet... i need to vacuum asap haha. But i love the packaging! it's compact white and simple. The silver part is magnetic so it's really easy to close but sometimes you need to put some effort in opening it so be careful! There is noticeable shimmer so if you're not interested in shimmer do not get this blush! i'm not sure about the other shades though but sunset has enough shimmer.

It's very pigmented! at least this shade is. It's not too pigmented when applied normally with a brush. The color doesn't fall in the coral or peach shades more like a orange peach.

So far i'm happy with this blush and i hope to get the others because i love blush and this packaging.

NOTD China Glaze Ruby Pumps

It's pretty much a sparkly red without the chunkiness of glitter that everyone hates to take off.

Urban Decay's Naked Palette

I finally have the famous all mighty Naked Palette! So many great things about it and i got it for my birthday. Probably the most used thing i ever could have since it's the most quality and versatile palette.

The 2011 palettes come with the brush instead of the duo eyeliner since it's easier to produce the brushes faster than the eyeliners. The brush is synthetic and is good quality so i'm just as happy!

I didn't swatch the palette since there's a million swatches out on the internet.

The palette costs $48 and can be bought on their site, sephora, and ulta. I remembering buying the palette a year ago and the demand was so high for it i had to look in 4 different stores! It's a lot easier to find the palette but some places don't restock as often :|

elf Liquid Eyeliner Collection $3 Swatch

So at target they sell a lot of the holiday collection. There was one left so i bought it since each eyeliner would be for $1 each.

I wasn't expecting much from the lasting ability but the black lasted the longest, silver in second, and copper last since it's actual glitter. It's a good buy considering the price. The lasting ability is really good too!