Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel Base Coat & Top Coat Review

Revlon has been hitting home runs with their new lines this year and the Colorstay Polish Line is probably one of the best drugstore polishes I've tried that retails under $5. I usually don't buy top and bottom coats from drugstore brands because growing up my mind was set to high end = better. That changed when all my top coat polishes that I have became so used to the point it was a thick bubbly consistency making them useless. Since I really liked the actual color polishes i thought i would give them a try and I don't think I'm going back to a more expensive brand from top and bottom coats again! The consistency is very smooth and not thick at all, more watery than other brands but I don't really mind it. The brush applicators are actually two in one and it makes applying polishes A LOT easier than smaller brushes. 

The base coat looks opaque but when applied it's clear. The top coat provides one of the shiniest finishes I have seen. If you're looking for a new top and base coat I totally recommend these. They won't put a hole in your wallet and they  will give you the finish and protection you need. For those that don't use top and base coats I highly suggest using a them to protect your actual nails and your manicure. 

I bought these at Walmart, it's kind of strange that Target doesn't carry some of the polishes from this line.


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