L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liner Review

so i've been using this liquid liner for a couple of weeks now. it's one of my favorite and only ways recently of putting on liner on my top lid. now i've got to say putting on liquid is just difficult until you practice a lot. i used the worst ever liquid liner to begin with. but this is really good for nice lines and it makes it a lot easier. for my past pictures i've used it. it makes a clean cut. out of all the three types of liner i like this one the best because gel gets a little messy sometimes and i like the sharp cut in the colder days. 

Hot Pink Skin79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream Review + Swatch

So recently i received this in a package that i ordered. I got it for $14.89 USD and it's shipped from the US. Very fast shipping! Anyways, It's the upgraded version so it's brand new and everything. The size of it is pretty compact then i expected. It's 40g and it's super cute since it's the hot pink one. It's very creamy so i recommend it to people who have dry skin or when it's winter. It's more creamy then the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and i think it has more coverage and i like the texture a lot better. I have a review of the bb cream here. Read More for the rest of the review!

Daily Pick Up at Target

Studio Tools Crease Brush and Medium Shadow Brush; Sonia Kashuk Starry Night Nail Polish. Continue for reviews!

Very Natural Makeup

I was in a rush this morning, so i pretty much skipped concealer, bb cream, powder, blush and went for the eyeliner and white eyeliner. I really like the L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liner so far. 

NYX Concealer in a Jar Review

so today i used my concealer for under my eyes and my blemishes. i have one in beige and one in green to cancel out redness.
i would have to save i love the texture and how smooth and creamy it is. the concealer doesn't lie, it's not cakey at all as long as you use just enough.
i only used a dab or two though. it smells like baby powder kind of... and it's really moisturizing.
i got it from an ebay seller for half the price :D
it's going to to take a while before i buy some because there's a lot... the packaging is smaller in Maybelline's Dream Mousse Concealer but it has more product.
I don't recommend using your fingers if you have long nails like i do... but fingers or brush is fine :D

  • Does what concealer should do
  • Moisturizing then others
  • smells pretty good for a concealer
  • many many colors, i think more then 15?
  • very cheap
  • easy to get in the us, but it's really easy and cheap to get online
  • it stays for more then 8 hours for me
  • not cakey
  • the packaging is small... really bad for long nails and it's plastic
i'm not sure if it will settle into fine lines because i don't have any.

Rating: 9/10
Will buy more when i finish these up

I think i'll include pictures... but i don't have a camera... and webcam pictures are eh.

Mini NYX Haul

So on ebay from one amazing seller, i got a little haul and saved $16 without shipping.
I seriously love everything i got. except the free gift isn't my color... i saved about $2 on every single item i bought.

i highly suggest going to joy cosmetics 
the total price was $48.01 with shipping, i paid about $12 for shipping and it only took two days. TWO DAYS.
What i got:
  • NYX Eyelash Curler
  • NYX The Caribbean Collection in ESP5C02 D REAM OF ST. MARTEEN
  • NYX Powder Blush in PB03 Angel
  • NYX Concealer Magic Wand in CW04 Beige
  • NYX Lip Gloss in Whipped and Sorbet
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar in CJ12 Green and CJ04 Beige
  • Free NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Green

Eos Lip Balm Review

So i got the Eos lip balm because michelle phan had it and it looked cool... and i hate putting lip balm on my fingers it gets all gross. so i went to ulta and bought the summer fruit one.

so that is what it looks like. on the official site it says:

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 21 Review

Hello! This is my first review on my blogspot. i really cannot use livejournal anymore because it's so outdated and really complicated to use... >>;
well anyways, yesterday i received my bb cream from ebay seller spicygoods. i totally recommend them they had really nice prices, free shipping, the only downside is that it took 2 weeks to get. but hey it's free shipping. 
they packaged it really cutely, it was really hard to open the box... so it was secure XD
So this is what it says on the site:
Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream offers a novel skincare concept with BB cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.