Sonia Kashuk Sunset Blush Review and Swatch

I've been having a lot of blog posts lately but i just got this blush because these blushes always caught my eye for a while and i decided to get one. There's a lot of shades but i got the one which had the most available but peachy colors are always my favorite.

Sorry for all the hair on the carpet... i need to vacuum asap haha. But i love the packaging! it's compact white and simple. The silver part is magnetic so it's really easy to close but sometimes you need to put some effort in opening it so be careful! There is noticeable shimmer so if you're not interested in shimmer do not get this blush! i'm not sure about the other shades though but sunset has enough shimmer.

It's very pigmented! at least this shade is. It's not too pigmented when applied normally with a brush. The color doesn't fall in the coral or peach shades more like a orange peach.

So far i'm happy with this blush and i hope to get the others because i love blush and this packaging.


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