Olay Active Hydrating Cream Original Review

Since winter comes with making my skin super dry when it's usually moisturized with my basic moisturizer, i needed to get a cream for night. my skin got so dry to the point that around my eyes were burning for my skin being so dehydrated no matter how much moisturizer i put. so i opted out for this cream since i trust olay with their moisturizers and it was less than $7

There was also Night of Olay or Olay of Night not sure which way in stock but it's a firming cream and i'm way too young for that yet. Also, this cream mentioned it is for young skin. Also note that there is fragrance in it and once you open the jar it's apparent. It smells like baby powder by the way :)

It comes in a 2 oz. jar which is a pretty decent size! the cream itself it pretty thick but that a light weight to it. It is also pink if that bothers anyone! i seriously thought about baby powder when i put this on but it is so moisturizing. I really hope it works out for the parts of my face that is dry beyond repair of summer moisturizers.


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