Revlon PhotoReady Concealer Swatches/Review

Yesterday i went to my larger target since i happened to be in the area and they had these concealers! i heard about them recently even though they have been out for a while now.

I got two shades because i wasn't sure which one would match me better. In the store there was a total of 6 shades which is a lot compared to some other brands but it's not that many to choose from.

Not blended.


I would have to say the shade Light (02) would be better for my under eye circles and the shade Light Medium (03) but either one would be okay with my skin for me as long as it's blended in correctly.

I haven't used a creamy concealer in a while since i usually use liquid concealers. I really like it just that i hate stick form most of the time. It might by unhygienic if you're using it directly on your blemishes which cover up will since it's very pigmented so use a brush or something! There's some light reflecting particles in it and also has 20 spf! 

I had no problem with creasing when i tried it :) just make sure to blend blend blend! 


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