Sephora Rouge Cream in Decollette Lipstick Swatch

Today i went on a huge shopping trip since it was my birthday a month ago. I only got one thing from sephora since at the moment i'm not lusting for anything new.

The color is also known as R15 if you read it on the lipstick container. I really like the packaging, it's sleek and lightweight. The smell of all of the lipsticks is this grapefruit smell which is delicious smelling. It's really moisturizing too!

On the site it describes the color as a warm pinkish beige. Out of all my lipsticks... which you can see the post here, this is more neutral and that's good for the fall/winter. I only have pale colors and bright pinks. The cost of the lipstick is $12. It's not bad for a lipstick, better than drugstore but not as expensive as high end lipsticks. 


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