Crescent Moon Nails

I had to take off my nails in Ruby Pumps since they were chipping pretty badly. I decided to do these nails since i've always wanted to try it. Basically, it's a reverse french manicure but instead of faking cuticles we're faking the crescent moon on each nail! I know it's not that neat since i'm impatient to waiting for the layers to dry.

I used Sephora by OPI in Social Climber (metallic silver) and Opening Night (Navy with shimmer). For my thumb and pinky i used OPI Last Friday Night in the smaller version. One layer of Social Climber went onto each nail first. After it is FULLY dried, (we don't want the reinforcement stickers to take off the nail polish) Opening Night in two coats was put on after the stickers were put on as a stencil.

Probably one of the most tedious things to do with nails... It's really different compared to the usual solid color or french manicure but it takes a lot of time and patience to get these down perfectly.


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