Wet N Wild Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy Review/Swatch

Wet N Wild is well known for their lower priced cosmetics and I would say quality does suffer from it but I still think it's a good brand. The lipstick is kind of smudged because I put it upside down in the car and the inside packaging part fell out in the tube. You can put it back and make it stay put but it was too late and the damage to the lipstick was done. That explains the second picture where one side is darker because that was where the smudged part was. As the name said it is a plum color. It's kind of a fushia plum, leaning towards the red purple. I think this could be comparable to the new fashion night out lipstick MAC release. The formulation is okay. For $1.99 it's pretty great but to regular lipstick standards it does drag so it's hard to apply and it's a darker color. I hate the packaging. I feel like these lipsticks are a great way to test out bold colors and that's what I did. I would feel nervous with putting this out in public but it is Fall so that means we're in the right color range. 


  1. That is a really beautiful color on the lips, amazing :).

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