Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude Swatch/Review

Hi everyone! I'm going to be posting some more Matte lipstick reviews, raves really since I love the finish and the texture of them. 

I consider Revlon one of the best drugstore brands there is out there and their lip products is probably the best of the best. If you rule out the lip stains and the lip butters, going classic with lipsticks is a good choice sometimes. I don't know about most of you but I highly dislike shimmer and frost in lip products. I love matte a lot but when it comes to most lipsticks in matte, it doesn't feel good on the lips. (Also, don't mind that small chapped area on my lip, that part was going through a weird phase.)

Nude Attitude is just like the name, it's nude. I would say it's really comparable to MAC's Myth but without the dryness and pule. Also, the prices of these lipsticks are around $6-$7 which is pretty affordable for a nice lipstick. The smaller swatch is Myth and it's actually really similar!

I would buy this again, but I'm not the biggest fan of muting out my lips. 


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