Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review/Swatch

Most of you guys know that the spring 2012 lines that the drug stores are coming out with are pretty high quality compared to the past so i was really tempted to jump on the band wagon. I started out with these blushes because i love blush and there were so many raves on the internet and youtube! The colors i got were Candy Coral and Hot Tamale.

They really are bouncy because it's like a memory foam but it won't go back to it's original shape! i really do love the texture. Not a cream but yet not a powder.

The brighter colors in the collection are more preferable because it's a lot easier to get the pigmentation onto your fingers but on your cheeks they won't look as dramatic as the pan. Candy Coral took more time than Hot Tamale to swatch out into full color so be warned! All the colors are so pretty though.

 The blushes will leave some finger prints and they are best applied with fingers because brushes will not pick up as much color! I really want to go back to Target and get some more. Each blush is $5.99 so it's decently priced. They're more on the smaller side when it comes to size though. Something that lacks is pigmentation on the lighter shades if you're not patient but it's really easy to build up the color. The blushes will last about 6 hours!


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