Makeup Organization/Organizing Makeup

 I decided to get more storage since my collection is growing quickly. I'm really in love with Target or something because all of the plastic containers are from target. This Makeup Organizer is in store for $8.99!
 I had this Sterilite small plastic 3 drawer for maybe a year and it was about $8
 I got this mirror today so i can do my makeup at my desk! it's a double sided but the magnification side is strange, it's more like a fish eye  magnification but i don't really mind since the normal side is perfectly fine. It was around $13.
I've been doing some early spring cleaning and i pretty much went through 10 trash bags from my closet and desk. My family is filled with pack rats so after 5 years of being in this house i decided i don't need most of the stuff i don't touch. I probably will eventually get the other vanity organizers because i love how they're clear and clean looking.


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