Proactiv 60 Day System Review

I actually started the proactiv system in July of 2011. After 6 weeks, my skin looked great. The dermatologist said i shouldn't use anything else with it since proactiv is a system and it's really strong compared to many drugstore products. Today will probably be my last day using this system. I went through a 30 day system and i'm almost done with the 60 day one. My mom actually bought it out of a proactiv vending machine in the mall so there will not be any internet charges that it usually makes.

When i first used it the scent was kind of like the beach but idk that's just me. There's small grains in the cleanser which kind of felt harsh but it didn't irritate my skin. There's also a green toner that i do not have since i left it at my dad's house but it's great except i haven't been using it recently. The 3rd treatment is a serum that is used after cleansing and toning.

The refining mask is great but i'm not sure if it worked. I felt like it did but it didn't do anything drastic. I used it over night mostly.

All i can say is that proactiv exceeded my expectations since i assumed it was not that great from all the commercials on tv. My skin got used to it since it's been almost 8 months but i also used Philosophy's Purity when my skin was great! I just hope Clean Start can keep my skin clear during that time of the month since nothing can ever keep it clear during that time period..


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