Dermalogica Clean Start Kit Delivery Review

 Hello everyone! I decided to review delivery and what it claims to do. I'll be doing a full review in 6 weeks or whenever it runs out so i can give a more accurate quality review! I ordered from the site on March 14 and it was shipped to on March 16. It took only two days which i was excited about. I used the code WELCOME and got 10% off so i did pay for shipping. I will always hate shipping costs and if i do like clean start, i will look forward to getting free shipping hopefully with full size products.
 When i opened it i thought it was really cute that it was neatly wrapped in tissue paper and had bubble bags to protect the actual product.
 The actual packaging of the kit is wrapped up very well but i'm not really complaining.

The kit came with that was claimed on the site and also with a sample of Brighten Up spf15. I used it this morning and so far i love love the scent it smells so much like spring. I really hope it works well with my skin because i love the packaging, fast delivery, and price.. if only they were full size but that wouldn't be priced well haha.

I will be posting a full review in a month or two and link it here. :)


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