NYX Concealer in a Jar Review

so today i used my concealer for under my eyes and my blemishes. i have one in beige and one in green to cancel out redness.
i would have to save i love the texture and how smooth and creamy it is. the concealer doesn't lie, it's not cakey at all as long as you use just enough.
i only used a dab or two though. it smells like baby powder kind of... and it's really moisturizing.
i got it from an ebay seller for half the price :D
it's going to to take a while before i buy some because there's a lot... the packaging is smaller in Maybelline's Dream Mousse Concealer but it has more product.
I don't recommend using your fingers if you have long nails like i do... but fingers or brush is fine :D

  • Does what concealer should do
  • Moisturizing then others
  • smells pretty good for a concealer
  • many many colors, i think more then 15?
  • very cheap
  • easy to get in the us, but it's really easy and cheap to get online
  • it stays for more then 8 hours for me
  • not cakey
  • the packaging is small... really bad for long nails and it's plastic
i'm not sure if it will settle into fine lines because i don't have any.

Rating: 9/10
Will buy more when i finish these up

I think i'll include pictures... but i don't have a camera... and webcam pictures are eh.


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