Daily Pick Up at Target

Studio Tools Crease Brush and Medium Shadow Brush; Sonia Kashuk Starry Night Nail Polish. Continue for reviews!

Sonia Kashuk Nail Polish Review
It's like any typical nail polish. I bought it for $5 which is eh okay i guess. It's nothing to rave about just typical. it's supposed to be sparkly but it's not over the top. you only can see the glitter in light. The texture is smooth and the brush is small. i don't really like the brush... but i liked the color and how simple the packaging  is.
Rating: 8/10

Target Studio Tools Brushes Review
So i didn't really have any eyeshadow brushes so i got the cheapest ones. The crease one was $1.50 and the Medium Shadow was $2.49. Very cheap and affordable and the bristles are really soft. So much better then what i expected. It's better to start out cheap then expensive so yeah.

Rating: 8.5/10
i wouldn't buy them again because i want to move up XD


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