Hot Pink Skin79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream Review + Swatch

So recently i received this in a package that i ordered. I got it for $14.89 USD and it's shipped from the US. Very fast shipping! Anyways, It's the upgraded version so it's brand new and everything. The size of it is pretty compact then i expected. It's 40g and it's super cute since it's the hot pink one. It's very creamy so i recommend it to people who have dry skin or when it's winter. It's more creamy then the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and i think it has more coverage and i like the texture a lot better. I have a review of the bb cream here. Read More for the rest of the review!

Like i said, it's small and cute. XD Oh i got this on ebay from this seller!

Compared to Missha, I like this bb cream a lot better. Even though it's only SPF 25 compared to Missha's SPF 42, it's a lot easier to apply it without over drying the skin. but you still need to use moisturizer before hand after cleansing your face.

Sorry, the camera started to not focus... but it's similar shading. There is a gray cast but it's a little on the yellow side which is good for people with yellow under tones. Little goes a long way with the Skin79 BB cream. After a couple of hours, my skin looked flawless and there wasn't a huge difference with the Missha one on the face after it oxidizes. 

Rating: 9/10
I really like it! i probably would buy it again after i test more bb creams. maybe... 


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