Lush Fresh Face Mask Cosmetic Warrior Review

This is my 2nd fresh face mask that i tried! I didn't review Cupcake but it was nice and it smelled good. I really like Cosmetic Warrior because i felt like it helped with my breakouts especially with it's tree tea oil. I don't know how i feel about the garlic but if it works it works. The smell isn't the best but it's doable. It smells like tea tree with a hint of garlic. You can only buy fresh face masks in store because it must be refrigerated. They all go for $6.95 which is a bargin for how much is in a 2oz pot. These containers are part of the 5 pots for one free fresh face mask so do not throw away your pots! I usually cannot finish these in the 3 week time period comfortably. Last time i slathered the remaining amount and it was not fun.

If you have a Lush nearby i suggest trying out a fresh face mask that fits your skin! It would be great for a girls night in.


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