Half Tone Nails with Nails Inc Porchester Place and Essie in Blanc Swatches

 Hello! Here's a partial tutorial but not really. It was inspired by AndreasChoice's Quick D.I.Y Springtime Nail Trick. The only difference is that i'm not using band aids but regular scotch tape.
 You will need two polishes, i picked Essie in Blanc and Nails Inc in Porchester Place. You will also need any kind of tape, preferably something not too sticky.
 I used two coats of Blanc, i was planning only using one coat but it is really streaky the first coat. After, apply the tape to your skin so the stickiness will go away. Apply the tape to the lower half when white polish is FULLY dried. The tape will strip away the color if it is not dried.
Paint your second color on the exposing nail. I only used one coat with Porchester Place. The color is gorgeous and pigmented which makes me really happy.

You can wait for all your nails to try to peel off the tape slowly. Using anything sticky can give you any stencil for any shape! You can go crazy with all the possibilities with tape/band aids and any kind of polish and placement.


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