Up & Up Polish Remover Dip-it Acetone (Target Brand)

I've always wanted a nail polish remover in a jar... especially acetone since the people in the nail shops use it to do french manicures. I am so glad i invested $2.54 because this is amazing. It's ideal to use it to remove fake nails but you can remove any kind of polish. I'm pretty sure this is going to make removing glitter polish a lot easier than the basic cotton round and polish remover. In the jar there's acetone and a pink plastic thing which contains the bristles that you scrub your nail polish off with. I tested out how well it can clean up white for french manicures it it worked out well! I will probably attempt my own french nails with this using an ecotools concealer brush. I recommend any brush that is DENSE! A flimsy brush will leave you with messy lines and frustrations.


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