NOTD Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish Trafalgar Square Swatch/Instructions

 This is the much raved about magnetic nail polish. It's from sephora and is priced at $16 which is pretty pricey for a nail polish but this is ten times cooler than the average nail polish.
 The name itself is self-explanatory but when i was trying to first using it without reading the directions because i'm just really lazy it was difficult. The exterior cap is not attached to the nil polish as it is used to give the magnetic effect.


  1. Apply Base Coat and allow to dry.
  2. Apply the magnetic polish but do not use the magnet yet. This is will make the color opaque.
  3. Apply another coat of the polish but this time after each nail, place the magnet over having the ledge be close to the cuticle. MAKE SURE TO NOT TOUCH THE NAIL WITH THE MAGNET or the effect will not work.
  4. Continue doing this to each nail.
  5. Apply Top Coat.
* of course don't hold it like the picture above, i only have one hand since i was using my iphone to take pictures.

It should look like this afterwards. The whole nail will not be magnetized if you're looking from a side angle. This are only a few colors to choose from and they're all more on the metallic side since a pastel color would not look good magnetized.

My pinky nail is the result of the magnet touching while trying to use it.


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