MAC Peaches and Improvise Blush Review & Swatches

These two blushes are the only MAC products i own! i cherish them dearly because their blush is so high quality! Peaches is in their permanent line of sheertone blush. Improvise on the other hand was from a mineral collection from 2009. My friend got it for me from one of those stores that sell discontinues makeup.

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Peaches is on the left and Improvise is on the right. I really like both of them! they might seem in the same color range but they are a lot different from each other.

Peaches is matte and just a classic peach blush! i usually wear this one when i want more of a matte cheek obviously but it's really pigmented and makes me look like i glow. The texture of the blush is very soft.

Improvise is a mineral blush so it's a mix of different colors that were marbleized into the blush. It's less of a peach color but a shimmery coral with a lot more shimmer than Peaches. I feel really youthful when i wear this blush... probably because of all the shimmer but it's a good for highlighting on the cheeks. On the cheeks it's not as shimmery as it seems but it makes me radiate light and such. Too bad this blush is discontinued though D:

The staying power of both is pretty long lasting, but usually it fades away after several hours due to me putting my hands on my cheeks.

I would buy both of them again if i ever ran out! I plan on buying more products from MAC but as a unemployed student in high school that's asking for too much.  


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